Eyeployment.com is not another optical job board! Eyeployment.com provides simple to deploy predictive analytics for ECP practices looking to hire the best employees. The predictive analytics tools are powered by TalentSorter™. The service is partnered with Indeed.com, the world's leading job site.

"Staffing is amongst the greatest challenges facing Eye Care Professionals. There is no stand-alone resource for ECPs that combines job posting, candidate assessment and applicant management in one simple-to-use, affordable solution. We are pleased to collaborate with Fit First Technologies to make this advanced technology available to eye care professionals looking to hire great staff," - David Pietrobon, President of VuePoint IDS Inc.

The science of psychometric assessment of candidates is proven to help businesses reduce time spent sorting resumes by 80%, reduce interview time by 70% and reduce costly turnover by 40-50%. Eyeployment.com makes this advanced technology, widely used by Fortune 500 companies, available to eye care practices at a very reasonable cost.

Each role specific to eye care practices has been assessed to determine which characteristics are key to success. The TalentSorter assessment tool will measure the likely fit of the applicant against these characteristics and determine a FitScore™.

Eyeployment.com‘s user-friendly dashboard allows simple triage of inbound candidates, saving time for the employer in deciding which candidates to pursue. Results of each assessment are summarized in an easy-to-read Job Fit report. An Interview Guideline for each candidate is provided to help the hiring manager pinpoint areas for further evaluation of candidates.

Eyeployment.com is powered by Fit First Technologies Inc.’s TalentSorter engine. For over more than a decade, Fit First Technologies has helped hundreds of employers screen well over three million candidates for their likely fit in the role they have applied to.

The service partners with the world’s largest job board, by offering one click SEO-optimized distribution through Indeed.com Employers may also increase their visibility on Indeed directly through the eyeployment.com website. Additionally, jobs can be posted to the practice Facebook page and website with a few simple clicks.

1. Candidate Applies for a Position at Your Practice

Eyeployment has identified traits most critical to success for jobs in the eye care industry and created a custom assessment for that specific role that prescreens candidates for you.

In minutes you’re ready to post and share your position on Indeed.com, Facebook, by email and/or on your practice website.
2. Eyeployment Assesses & Assigns a FitScore™
With each application, patented science is used to calculate a "Fit to the Job" FitScore™ out of 100 for every candidate. The higher the score the better the likely “fit”.

The FitScore™ method has been validated in thousands of jobs, including all jobs found commonly within an eye care practice.
3. Interview Candidates Starting from the Highest FitScore™
You’ll receive detailed analysis for each candidate, including an Interview Guide that'll tell you exactly what to ask each candidate. All in plain language, with nothing for hiring managers to guess at.
We help you see the real person behind the résumé.

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