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Tonic Eyecare and Vision Therapy

Digital ECP has been great for our clinic. Centralizing our purchasing is convenient and helps us manage multiple suppliers. Karen is responsive and helpful whenever we have questions or issues with the vendors. Plus, the discounts are great! We would definitely recommend Digital ECP for any clinic!"
Kelly L    -    March 2021

Owner of Performance Vision Eye Care

Joining the buying group of Digital ECP was the second decision I made, right after the one where I decided to get back into the optical industry. It was also probably the most essential thing I did to give me the support I needed to succeed right out of the gate. Being out of the business for several years, I knew I needed a strong partnership with someone "in the know" and Karen fits that description down to a T-bar liner.

Karen and the team at Digital ECP became my business consultants from Day 1 and have always been there for me. Whenever I have a question about anything industry related, whether it be what the hot new trendy collections are, what kind of web content to have, or what's the best anti-fog spray out there is, Karen is my first (and only) phone call that I need to make. Digital ECP has always provided me with sage guidance in a timely manner, and I could not think of running a business without their support.

Volume discounts aside, the value Digital ECP will provide to your business is incalculable. Since I have joined, I believe the list of discounted vendor partners has at least doubled in size and greatly expanded in terms of the vast products and services readily available to help grow your business. To compete in this climate, especially with the influx of major discount online retailers, you need the edge of being part of an active buying group to even the playing field. Although you may just be an army of one, you have the resources afforded by much larger organizers thanks to your affiliation with Digital ECP. The monthly statements come on time like clockwork, and it is extremely easy to track what your expenses are each month, and how much you saved by being part of the group, thanks to the concise statement generated by Digital ECP.

If you are an Eye Care Provider, do yourself a favour and sign up with Digital ECP; it will be the single best decision you made to help you and your business.
Cindy B    -    March 2021

Robertson Optical and Optometry Delta BC

Karen's buying group, Digital ECP has not only saved us money, but Karen is always prompt with statements, keeps adding new suppliers, quick to respond to inquiries and a pleasure to work with. Best decision we made was to switch to Digital ECP!
Jeannette M    -    March 2021

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Digital ECP
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